Little gal

As you are about to see, this little one year old definitely had a P E R S O N A L I T Y!
Oh man, she seriously killed me, and you will see why! Red seriously was the PERFECT color to show her personality (NEXT TO RAINBOW!)



With being caught up in the recent move, I completely forgot to blog!
To make up for it… HERE ARE SOME ADORABLE ANIMALS I GOT TO MEET A FEW MONTHS AGO, and some being a couple weeks ago! With the posts on Facebook of these cuties, we were able to find at LEAST two of these sweet little lovebugs homes within two days! I just love working with the Bannock Humane Society of Pocatello, Idaho!
If you are looking for a new fur baby, always remember that these little lovebugs are very
FEW of the adorable little ones who have/had no homes. I wanted ALLLL of them!
Don’t forget to adopt, not just shop!

Merry Christmas everybody<3 FROM IDAHO!

This is the first shoot I have done since getting back to Idaho! That’s right, we are home! ❤ AHHH! It has been so cold, but it surely feels like Christmas. ❤
This little handsome guy is 4 month old Madden! He is just the sweetest, most expressive chunker.. SERIOUSLY!
He kills me!
Merry Christmas everybody!

This is what perfect families look like

This may be my favorite family ever. Even though we were in a rush, It was super fun working with this AMAZING family. Her older daughter is actually signed through a model agency. I felt so blessed to get to work with this family/be chosen from the many amazing photographers on Oahu. They loved their pictures, and I hope everybody else enjoys how adorable this family as much as I do!




I have worked with Ary and her momma a few times while being on Oahu, and I can honestly say- They might be the ones I miss the most on Oahu after leaving. ❤ this little girl is going to go BIG places .

Last days on Oahu- First *REAL* Breastfeeding session!

I have been SO late on postings- since we had our last adventures on Oahu!
I was honored to be chosen as Amandas photographer for her beautiful breasfeeding photos. I’m in love with them, she’s in love with them, and I hope you all are too!



Oh.. my… A newborn I will FOREVER remember… *LIFE LESSONS*

This by far, was one of the most.. well. Unique… experiences I have ever had as far as photography goes.
The baby and children were cute though!
This little guy did not have fun sleeping, but his whole session was super cute.

Let me round this post up. To all business photographers :
Do NOT let any. I repeat, ANY, client get away without signing a contract. Do NOT space it. They may be the nicest, sweetest, greatest client you have ever met, but do not forget; You are running a business. Let my mistakes, be lessons for you, too. Always remember, that is easier said then done. Again. Do NOT forget.